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Welcome to our church

We as the Parsons Avenue Church Of God want to be united, strong and a committed church in the community, home, schools and in the eyes of God.

We are committed to the spreading of the Gospel of the knowledge of God.


pastor brice and janet utt

Pastor Brice and Janet Utt

Welcome to Parsons Avenue Church Of God.

 The Church of God stands now, as it always has stood, for the whole Bible rightly divided and for the New Testament as the only rule for government and discipline.

 We believe it is the responsibility of every member and minister of the Church of God to be fully informed and versed in the doctrines and teachings of the church.

 A study of the Bible and our Statement Of Faith will reveal those teachings and doctrines which we have held here through the years and which have strengthened and preserved the church body for this generation and for posterity.


Schedule Of Services


Sunday School ( Graded all ages )- 10:00 AM

Sunday Morning Worship – 11:00 AM

Children’s Church Sunday Morning ( Ages 4-10 ) – 11:00 AM

Sunday Evening Services – 6:00 PM

Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting – 7:00 PM

Wednesday Family Training Hour & Youth Service – 7:00 PM